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Sacramento losing its history, one icon at a time

The vintage Fred Mayes clock in downtown Sacramento

The progress of our city momentarily stops a few times a year when I park in the city lot on 10th street. I look into the alley between K and L Streets in downtown Sacramento and I’m relieved. The old Hastings sign is still there, high on the brick wall. In faded white and black ...

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Chris Horner should retire, but cycling still needs him

According to some media outlets, Chris Horner is having difficutly finding a team for the 2016 season.

So, Chris Horner has reportedly been advised to retire by his agent Baden Cooke. It’s good advice for the athlete and it’s bad news for pro cycling. Why? Let’s clear the road first. Let’s dismiss two areas: 1. Horner’s ongoing skeptics and the corresponding long-discussed drug rumors. True or not, none of that matters now. ...

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Mountain lions more prominent in urban environments

More mountain lions have bee sighted in urban locations.

Bob and Tami Sutton have enjoyed the open space of country living for 30 years, and the wildlife. Still, viewing a rare picture of four mountain lions near the front gate of their 3-acre Georgetown residence was remarkable. The black-and-white image was taken on an early February morning by a surveillance camera Bob had installed ...

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Fred Rodriguez pedals into the Canadian sunset

Fred Rodriguez rode the last race of his career at the 2015 Tour of Alberta.

Fred Rodriguez begins his final stage race in Grande Prairie, Alberta today, the day before his 42nd birthday and 21 years after a win at the Lancaster Classic in Pennsylvania launched his racing persona as Fast Freddie. The Colombian-born rider’s career includes grand tours, folding teams and far-flung sprinting victories from China to Greece to ...

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The Tour of California needs another Mario Cipollini

Mario Cipollini was professional cycling's last great showman.

When he wasn’t busy winning three Tour of Spain stages, 12 Tour de France stages, 42 Tour of Italy stages or any of his 191 career victories, Mario Cipollini had another great skill. The flamboyant Italian sprinter was extraordinarily savvy when promoting Mario Cipollini. He was professional bicycle racing’s last great showman. As the Tour ...

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Women’s cycling needs a new visionary

Women's cycling is improving but the sport needs a visionary.

Jim Rabdau’s vision for women’s bicycle racing was inspired on a mountain road in the Italian Alps when police stopped his car so a men’s race could pass. Twenty years later, his dream was realized in 1984 when Ore-Ida, the potato company and his employer, underwrote his concept with a women’s bike race in Boise, ...

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The Tour Within The Tour de France (ebook)

In the 13 years I attended the Tour de France, the most enjoyable times I had were away from the competition. I usually drive 3,000-to-4,000 miles and through several countries each year. Despite its name, the Tour de France often visits several countries in each edition. During my time at the race, I traveled to ...

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Sunglasses are cool but protection is paramount

Proper sunglasses are important to avoid eye damage from the sun.

Sunglasses are cool. There are cheap sunglasses, like the kind referenced in the 1980 ZZ Top song by the same name. And there’s the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style worn by movie stars since the 1950s and referenced by the Eagles in their 1984 song The Boys of Summer. But while looks and hipness are fine, the ...

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Iron Lungs: The curse of polio displayed in Sacramento museum

Iron lungs were prevalent in the 1940s, 1950s for patients stricken with polio.

Iron lungs were prevalent in hospitals around the country in the 1940 and 1950s. The large steel cylinders were the sole living quarters for thousands of patients stricken by polio. But with rare exception, iron lungs are now medical dinosaurs. There aren’t many left, but the existing monuments to medical practices of yesteryear, remain ominous, ...

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