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Four quick, cheap, diverse holiday gift ideas

Forget silly snowflake sweaters and the mail-order fruitcakes. Practical gift ideas are the way go during the holiday season. Plenty of good things come in small, reasonably priced packages.

Technology gadgets abound to simplify the increasingly connected world. A century old insulated food container company has plenty of innovation. And there’s new eyewear protection and newfangled comfort sandals.

Toughtested makes durable technology gadgets. All good for gift ideas.
Toughtested makes durable technology gadgets. It’s a practical gift.

Here are four new gift ideas that won’t’ seriously deflate your budget and that will likely to get plenty of use long after the holiday season:

Supercharge The Family (www.toughtested.com) — We all seemingly need our smart devices charged faster, safer and in unusual circumstances and tight places. The Power Share Pro USB Wall Charger ($29.99) made by ToughTested gets the job done with a technology version of good things coming in small packages.

The compact charger has flexible 180-degree power blades for crowded power outlets. The charger blades also rotate for a low profile to use in AC outlets positioned behind cumbersome furniture or in other awkward places. The two-position prongs are located at 90 and 180 degrees.

Versatility rules. The charger has three USB ports that share 4.2 amps of power. The fast charge for a smartphone takes only 30 minutes.

The ToughTested Pro Cable ($19.99) appropriately complementary. Strong, thin and flexible, the braided, eight-foot cable works with most iPod, iPhones and iPads are made from PET Polymer resin. It’s industrially rugged as well as chemical, heat and abrasion resistant. A cable holder is included. Check out on the product on Amazon.com here: ToughTested

Everyone Needs A Travel Mug (www.thermos.com) — Thermos has been making food and beverage containers for 113 years. It still sells products in its traditional heritage plaid design. But the company has come a long from its original tin lunch pails.

Thermos makes an sturdy hot/cold travel mug. It's a perfect inexpensive gift.
Thermos makes a sturdy hot/cold travel mug. It’s a perfect inexpensive gift.

The Element5 Travel Mug ($27.99), made with a stainless steel interior and exterior, keeps its contents hot for five hours or cold for nine hours. It has an easy-to-use lid for drinking in any direction and an ergonomically designed handle. A locking release button removes the top for easy cleaning.

The charcoal-colored mug has a dark gray top and bottom and a lime green handle and trim. Maximum temperature retention works well with double wall vacuum insulation, and the cup has a 16-ounce capacity.  Check out the product on Amazon.com here: Thermos Travel

Made For Your Eyes Only (www.liveeyewear.com) — Using prescription glasses while driving or during other outside activities often doesn’t work well. There’s little protection from UV rays, and the sun’s glare is often problematic.Oofos sandals provide superior comfort after workouts or for everyday wear. They’re a great gift.

Cocoons are fitover eyewear, and are a thoughtful for a friend or yourself.
Cocoons are fitover eyewear, and are a thoughtful gift for a friend or yourself.

If you don’t have prescription sunglasses, a pair of Cocoons ($49.95) is a convenient alternative.

Sunshields available in many shapes, sizes and color, Cocoons are “fitover” sunglasses. They protect your eyes from UV rays and feature polarization and regulates light transmission, eliminates glare and sharpens visual acuity.

Oofos sandals provide surerior comfort after wprkouts or for everyday wear. They're a great gift.
Oofos sandals provide surerior comfort after workouts or for everyday wear. They’re a great gift.

Cacoons’ motto is “Isolate Your Eyes.” Fitover shades are available in hundreds frame and lens combinations. Every pair comes with a zippered carrying case that also has a belt clip. The company’s website has an easy-to-use measuring guide. Check out the produc on Amazon.com here: Cocoons Eyewear

Happy Feet, Healthy Body (www.oofos.com) — Made from waterproof foam and designed to absorb shock following a workout, Oofos footwear sandals assist in exercise recovery.

Sculpted with biomechanically engineered footbeds, Oofos ($59.95) relieves the pressure feet endure during repeated exercise. The comfort is in the OOfoam, which provides soft support via its compact absorption.

The sandals, which will rejuvenate your feet, are available in several styles, multiple colors and in men’s and women’s sizes. Check out the product on Amazon.com here: Oofos Sandals